Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fun times with misogyny.

In high school, I was accused of being a misogynist.  I was taken aback, not only because was it a 4 syllable word which I was shocked somebody else already understood, but because I was accused of it by a teacher.  It ate at me.  I was thinking about it constantly, and trying to work out if it was true.  

I finally came to the conclusion that it must be, and I didn't want to change at all.

Recently I attended a friends wedding.  All was going well, a magnificent ceremony, delicious food, and a lot of catching up between old friends.  Things took a turn for the worst when the best man made the egregious mistake of opening the floor up to anyone to say a speech.  Without a second thought, a girl who barely knew the groom got up, drunk out of her mind and began to tell an absolutely awful story that was entirely about herself.  She mustn't have been hugged as a child, because throughout all of the time that I have known her she has always been desperate for attention.  This girl, who is old enough to be a woman but her lack of maturity demands her still be called a girl, marred an otherwise perfect reception and has reminded me why I hate women.

Your hero

Clarke Kent


  1. Haha, a very funny post, please, keep them coming!!