Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I truly am better than you - The introduction

I have very few friends.  

Not the most endearing way to begin a first post, in my first blog, but it is the best way to introduce myself.  I have very few friends, and it is completely by choice.  
Years ago, during my high school days, I was the popular crowd.  Back then, everyone loved me.  When people think back on our year level, they only remember themselves, myself and one other friend of mine.  My friend and I grew up faster than the rest of our year and were typical popular kids.  We thought of ourselves as better, simply because we were the most popular; we partied, had sex, excelled at sports and the curriculum, lead the school and were always incredibly attractive.  
 Years later, my friend and I have lost most of the friends we once had, and we couldn't be happier.  The previous ideas that we were better than every one else have developed into the deep ingrained knowledge of our superiority.  Where once we focused on trivialities and adolescent whims, now we focus on maintaining our superiority.

With this blog, I intend on sharing some of the ideas that begin to define why I am better than you, continuing with the tale of my past and how it made me better than you and even a few theories that I piece together for my own superior amusement.

Your hero

Clarke Kent


  1. Seems like a neat idea to blog about, can't wait to see your posts.

  2. Interesting, I'll keep on checking you.

  3. lmao no wonder you have few friends. at least you have followers. : )

  4. Wow, im staying tuned because it looks interesting, followed.