Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The uninformed and my hypocracy

After reading "Pale Blue Dot" by Carl Sagan, I was astounded by how much sense his ideas made and began sharing some of his ideas with some friends.  I was blatantly stealing his ideas, but at least attempting to add my own thoughts to it before calling them my own, so all of the people I told thought I was some sort of genius.  (Prepare for a Carl Sagan post in the future; I yearn for more gratification)  I think this is fine.

What I can not stand are the multitudes of people who find out something that seems important, but rather than forming an opinion on it, will just copy and paste another persons statements and opinions.  The recent SOPA protests and blackout of Wikipedia is the latest example.  Being from New Zealand, not many people are aware of SOPA.  When the black out first hit, I made a comment about it regarding my hopes that porn sites wouldn't jump on board and black out for a day, because I wouldn't be able to survive.  Within an hour though, three more friends had copy/paste the same SOPA article, with no input from themselves, purely in the hopes of receiving some praise and attention for being so up to date with current, worldwide events. 
I will tell you now, there is no correlation between your ability to copy/paste and how intelligent you are.  Heed my advice.  Stop doing it.  Quit looking like a douche bag.  Actually, a douche bag has a useful function.  You need to quit looking like a broken down car, in the front of a poor persons house.  

Your hero

Clarke Kent


  1. MAN it makes me so mad that nobody i know talks about how bad Sopa is. with sopa we get nothing! NOTHING! Great post! (try again to follow me, lol)

  2. I can't wait for it Mr.Kent :)

  3. I cant help but be reminded of "maddox" and his "greatest page in the universe" website whenever I read your blog. I do really enjoy these, thanks for the insightful post.

    I do agree with what your saying. It's not enough just to be aware of an important subject (Such as SOPA), you need to research it for yourself and educate yourself so you can form your own opinion.